Wednesday, August 31, 2011


PRAYING...for my dear sweet friend Mandy. she and her family have had quite a journey with their little boy, and he's only two weeks old. they are on my mind and heart so very much lately. she's a friend from college, and has one of the most beautiful hearts i've ever known. reading her blog posts brings me to tears, not just because i want little Jude to get better, but because the way she writes about it is so beautiful. such an amazing combination of honesty and grace and trusting God when it must be so very hard. pray for adorable little Jude. make soup. i bought this book and everything looks SO good. i love soup and bread for dinner when it's cold outside. easy and tasty and it just feels so cozy. but it's a little warm yet. see below.

ENJOYING...the weather. i always say "indian summer" is my favorite season. i like that it's sunny and warm, but not humid like real summer, and that the nights cool off--even enough to ENJOY a fire. i love fall, but i don't like bundling up in coats and real shoes, so this is the best of both worlds! the stream of crazy that comes from my kids all day long. i especially love the things that Marcus gets wrong. like honey mustard--he calls it "funny mustard." indeed.

THINKING...about my upcoming ultrasound. i want to know who this little person is, but then again i don't. i loved the way i met my boys the days they were born. it sort of seems like peeking at your Christmas presents ahead of time, ruining the surprise. then again, it would be fun to do things differently this time. Christmas in September, perhaps? any thoughts?

KNOWING...i will miss my sammy three mornings a week once he starts preschool in a few days, but it will be so good for him. i can teach him all sorts of school things and do creative activities at home, but i can't give him a room of 4 year olds and a person-in-charge-who-is-not-his-mother. i'm looking forward to the time we have together to be better because of it! here he is feeding the fish at one of our neighborhood ponds, in need of a haircut before tuesday for sure.
REJOICING...that the last piece of my fall routine will be added when Bible study starts back up in a couple weeks. how i have missed my mornings with those fun ladies, sharing truth, sharing our lives, being taught and encouraged! also, we eat (very) well. woo and hoo!
LOVING...that i get to see my meredith for the second time this week (what the what??!) sometime later today! that girl (and her boys) make me super happy. everyone has those few friends where it's just easy, no catching up needed. and she's one of mine.

NEEDING...more hours in the day to make sure my tomatoes won't go to waste. i have given tons aways and canned tomtoes and salsa, but still have piles more to do something with. i'd like to make pizza and marianra sauces. we'll see.