Thursday, October 13, 2011

so thankful. for many many random things.

1. letting go of worry
2. rain and cool clean air
3. unexpected date night
4. baby wiggles in my belly
5. pumpkin coffee from dunkin donuts
6. pumpkin anything
7. cans of pumpkin for .99
8. making a huge dinner for no reason and then having neighbors over who didn't cook dinner!
9. Bible passages that convict and change me
10. a husband that forgives my craziness and (pregnancy-induced? I hope!) forgetfulness
11. clean sheets
12. a closet that is showing signs of PINK!
13. friends who "knew me when"...
14. little boys who DELIGHT in small things
15. good smelling soap
16. knitting
17. cozy blankets
18. apple cider tea (like WHOA!)
19. salt and vinegar chips
20. fresh haircuts on little boys

1 comment:

gabbyfek said...

i wuv you.
and pumpkin.
and baby wiggles.
and pumpkin.
and could use some help on #1 so just come here and help me out, ok???

ps-- my word verification is "braccula" and this is cracking me up this morning. and making me say mou-ha-ha-ha.