Tuesday, November 29, 2011

so proud of my sammy!

today sam was pretty tired.  he powered through until about one o'clock, then was just struggling with ev.er.y.thing. twice i asked him to do something, and twice he just about threw himself to the floor in tears. the second time, i told him he'd go up for a nap if he did it again.  he did it again.  so i sent him up for a nap. he ran up and SLAMMED his door. which is a big no-no...he earned a spanking to go with his nap. then he apologized and CRASHED for two and a half hours.

fast forward to bathtime. sam was protesting, he and marky were having a good time burying each other under the couch cushions and then jumping on top to smother each other.  they have rugburn on their faces to show for it.  so i reminded him about this afternoon's misadventures and he informed us very clearly "i'll do it, but i don't want to!!"

after the bath, i was chatting with sammy and told him how proud i was that he had learned something today about obeying when he didn't want to obey.  he informed me he was "just like Moses."

i love that kid. i was pretty impressed that he put his story together with Moses's story of being a reluctant leader. i can't wait to see what God has planned for my little guy!

(picture from a happier day!) we went out for a treat because he got an AMAZING report from preschool.  sam picked Yo-Yo, so i was more than delighted to take him on a little date! that night it was marky's turn to be super tired and fall apart, so jeremy was taking care of that.  why is it that when we are little, we never want to sleep and when we get older, we covet naps and solid nights of shut-eye??? sigh....

other news from today...SNOW! our first real snow, and it's not december yet! it's so pretty and i really need to get our tree out and decorated!!  this is the view out the front door at about 3:00 today. i was happy to stay home in my pj pants all day while everyone else ran out to get milk, bread and eggs. i sent my nice husband out for apples and peppermint mocha creamer. essentials, you know. so we are cozy now and waiting on a delay, even though it would mean missing out hanging with fun friends...i'd love to have the boys (all of them!) home in the morning to play in the snow some more. jermy took them out tonight while he shoveled, and they LOOOOOVED it!!

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Mandy said...

What a precious little guy, Kel. I am excited too to see what the Lord has planned for your three beautiful ones. :-) And, I love that picture.