Tuesday, January 25, 2011

observations at the gym.

i must be crabby today. i have little patience for things that Make No Sense. come ON, people.

maybe i need to try and read while i'm on the treadmill because i have wayyyy too much time to be a judgypants. let me preface this by mentioning that i definitely am no beauty or fashion queen while i work out. i usually go in yoga capris and a t-shirt. no makeup. nothing fancy. once in a while i get crazy w/ a headband. daring, i KNOW. but today it was like a Parade of Weird all up in my YMCA. yes, there's normally one person that tickles my funny that i can enjoy "observing" while i'm there. but today, all the strange fitness phenomena i've been noticing separately all showed up. educate me on why ANY of this makes sense, dear reader(s?)...

1. dudes in knit caps. don't get me wrong. i love knit stuff, i love knitting stuff. i love wearing knitted stuff. i love wearing stuff i've knitted. but NOT while working out. i get hot and sweaty in shorts and a tee. why on earth do you need an itchy beanie steaming your skull?? fools.

2. people in jeans. these folks are usually of the AARP persuasion, but regardless of age, that can't be comfortable on an exercise bike. all i can think of is CHAFING. i refuse to believe you have NOTHING else to wear. i see people come in wearing jammie pants, which seems like a MUCH better and more logical choice. jammie pants are not making it on my list of phenomena, since they allow freedom of movement and do not promote any sort of chafing. plus, you probably already have some. we all win.

3. Lady In Giraffe Tights. i saw her last week. her tights must have made it through the laundry rotation, because there she was again, running on the track upstairs...it was kind of like a train wreck--you want to look away, but you just can't. i sort of wanted to ask her where she bought them. not because i really want a pair, but just because i'm curious as to where you'd even find something like that.

4. this is somewhat related to #1, but ladies in visors. ummmm last i checked it wasn't sunny NOR we were outdoors. maybe they are lost. maybe someone should direct them to the nearest golf course. or maybe they know something i don't? this also seems to be the most social phenomenon, as they show up together and/or gather in groups of two or three on the stairmasters.

5. men who indulge in copious application of cologne before hopping on a treadmill (next to me, always next to me, it would seem). i think i would rather smell your funk. seriously. if i'm not close to being done, i will move. so unnecessary. i don't have asthma, but i feel like i do.

6. this is not a crabby one. this one redeemed the morning for me! there is a funny older gentleman that i like to talk football and gardening with, and he always hangs his wife's coat up for her and adjusts her incumbent bike for her before she gets on, then makes sure she's all settled before he goes off to run gets on a machine himself. adorable. they are my favorite, although he likes to heckle her from across the room..."COME ON MARGE, MOVE IT!! YOU CAN GO FASTER THAN THAT" yeah, definitely my favorite.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

mama gets sick = boys get way too much tv time.

so i really don't like my boys to watch a ton of tv. i'm by no means perfect at this, but i try and limit them to one 30 minute show before their naptime. i just can't stand to see them being zombies, and most days i can keep them busy enough that they don't even ask to watch anything. i love that.

but there are other days...i was so sick earlier this week. i am still getting over a rotten infection. i felt like someone had beat me in the neck with a baseball bat...my glands were that swollen and sore.

so it goes without saying that there were more shows watched in the past couple of days than would normally be allowed. i just didn't have it in me to play seventeen million rounds of candyland.

the point of this? i'm getting there. tuesday night i was getting dinner ready and the boys are racing around with dump trucks and fire trucks and wagons and anything else they could find. it was a little more than rambuctious, so i got them settled in the living room with their fine pal Diego (we don't have cable, but Netflix has some Diego eps on demand) so i could get things finished. i made some comment about how they would have to shut the tv off when daddy gets home, we don't want you to rot your brain. mama exits to kitchen.

jeremy gets home, sam shuts the tv off and runs into his arms bawling and yelling "I DON'T WANT TO ROT MY BRAIN!!!!!" oops. i wish i had a picture of jeremy's face.

tonight after a bedtime prayer, marcus and i were talking about who he loves. he said "i love daddy. i love grandpa. i love shows. i love diego. go diego go!"

you may see my tv on the curb tomorrow.

it's snowing today. i like it. so does sam.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

resolution schmesolution.

i'm not much for resolutions, but i do like a fresh start...since the busy of the holidays is over, i present a handful of *goals*, if you will.

1. keep up w/ project life, monthly if that's what it comes down to.
2. keep up with photos--dumping from camera, backing up, organizing, PRINTING.
3. keep my craft room clean so that it's ready when i have a little shred of time.
4. start Christmas planning in SEPTEMBER and crafting no later than OCTOBER.
5. stay up with the Scripture Memorization Challenge w/ the ladies at church.
6. if we're not using it, we're selling/donating/tossing it!
7. in the next 3 months, get all the upstairs closets organized!

i better stop now, so it's realistic and i can actually succedd. i could make a crazylong list of things i'd like to change, but let's not get crazy. ha! i'd love to have some healthy lifestyle stuff and things about my parenting here...but honestly, those are things i am always working to make better. these things? are new efforts for 2011. i always struggle with staying organized, and it's been showing up a lot lately so it's time to chip away at that problem. i'll never be quasi-OCD but i can do better. sigh.

maybe i should have asked for a label maker for Christmas.
maybe for valentine's day. jer-bear would love that. ha!