Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday list...

In the past, I've made a list in regards to my birthday, making it last all year in the form of cool things or resolutions. "30 things before I'm 30" had a nice ring to it...but now that I'm getting even older, the list is getting longer. So instead of rising to the challenge and adding something every year, I'll go with 14 things every year, since my birthday is the 14th. I never checked all 30 off of that list anyways. Let's keep it do-able.  And pretend that some of these things weren't on the list of 30 things...

so, about that list.

1. Find a new type of produce that I can go do "u-pick" style. New means something I've never picked before, not some new type of fruit. Duh. I'm thinking cherries or peaches in Michigan, since I meant to go last year and never got the timing right. This is probably the first item on my list due to the fact that I'm dying to garden/harvest/preserve stuff right now!

2. Knit a sweater. I've done this before, but I tend to stick to knitting smaller things to feel like I've accomplished something. But I'd also like to do a sweater this year.

3.  Sew a summer-y skirt. I've actually had fabric and a pattern for this since before Sam was born. Yikes!

4.  Make pillow covers for the family room.  Don't have fabric for this that's been sitting around, but I've had a plan and a color scheme for a while and I've just never done anything about it.  Though that MIGHT have something to do with the fact that the pillows are NEVER on the couches and I just forget about it.

5.  Visit a winery.  Yes, there are a few in the area, strangely enough.  This sounds like a fun date, but in all reality, Jeremy will not be impressed.  So I may have to round up some girlfriends...

6.  Try out some new parks w/ the kiddos this summer.  We always go to the same ones because they are close.  But new is always fun for them (and me).

7.  Open my craft room closet...take a deep breath...and PURGE PURGE PURGE!  Have you seen it? It's scary. 

8.  Read at least 5 "pleasure" books.

9.  Read at least 5 books that fall into the "nurture my brain" and/or "nurture my heart" category.

10.  Get the side porch decorated or something, so that it's a cozy little spot that I actually use! I hate wasted space!

11.  Make a quilt.  Haven't made any for a long time. 

12.  Make a wreath.  I've never made one, but there are ALWAYS cute ideas popping up, and I just need to go for it, since I LOVE wreaths and my oh my they are expensive for a bunch of stuff you could just glue together yourself!

13. Swim across Big Turkey.  Make sure Jeremy is nearby in the paddle boat.

14.  Develop the Perfect Waffle.  What an awful task.  Awful, I say! 

Let me know if you have any suggestions for any of the things on my list!