Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a list of happy.

1. my mascara is scented...unnecessary, yet kind of fun. but really, why?

2. pinterest is wayyyy too much fun. and will probably make me fat. all the food looks great. and if only i had enough time to do all the great kid things and crafty things i keep seeing. which leads to #3...

3. i've become somewhat obsessed with granny squares.  not sure how that happened, though pinterest probably has contributed. i now have THREE afghans going, which is probably not the most productive way to go about it. AND i have one more that i am itching to start as well, but i will have to just look at pictures and make it up as i go, since i can't get ahold of the pattern. i waaaaant to make this:

4. taking a walk to the park with my 3 men, on a super hot steamy day, but a storm was rolling in and made it so cool and nice. we got home just in time to sit on the back patio under the canopy and watch the rain fall. it was so cool and refreshing and relaxing. and they actually kind of "chilled" with us. my boys don't chill, so that was big.

5. jeremy was dictating a text to me so he didn't have to type it out, and "tomorrow works" got auto corrected to "topsy zoom". topsy zoom sounds WAY more fun than what he and his friend were planning. i got the giggles and jeremy called me a hyena. nice.

6. signing sam up for preschool three days a week was somewhat traumatic for me. i know how good it will be for him, and he didn't want to leave when we had our tour of the classrooms, but i just got really sad about not having him with me. then i realized that marcus and i get three mornings of "mommy and me" time--having a little time just the two of us will be good as that doesn't happen very much right now. so it will be good for everyone in ways that i will figure out as we get into it. though i suspect marcus will miss sam even more than i will.

7. jeremy bought a booster seat for sam the other day, and i got all crazy on him.  it went something like: "YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE SAFETY RATINGS AND MAKE SURE IT'S A GOOD ONE! WE DON'T WANT TO DECAPITATE HIM WITH A SEATBELT!" or some such nonsense.  he rolled his eyes and i got online. of course the one jeremy bought is on the "Best" list. that guy has a radar for Things That Are Good. and a lot of patience for his crazy wife.

8. this weekend jeremy and sam went tubing together--sam LOVED it! now, if you ask sam about ANYTHING, he'll always say "it's good." but tubing??? he went nuts. makes me happy. marcus wanted nothing to do with it. i really thought they'd be the other way around. i like it. crummy phone pic, but try and see him shouting at grandpa to DRIVE THE BOAT!!!