Tuesday, September 20, 2011

notes, ramblings.

i forget that i'm pregnant. but i like remembering. i'm not big yet and i feel good. i mention i'm excpecting in february to someone who doesn't know, and they are surprised. maybe they are just being polite, because i can certainly see it! i've been feeling this little baby moving a LOT lately, which makes me suspect that it's another boy. i've felt all three of my babies pretty early (earlier than you're "supposed" to feel them...like at 15 weeks or so...call me crazy if you want, but i know what it is) and they have all been verrrry active. sam's been calling the baby "cupcake" which i like, so i may stick with it. both boys have been so sweet about kissing my belly. marcus has been so proud that he'll whip my shirt up and show anyone his baby. he's also telling everyone who will listen that it's a baby brother. if he's wrong, i hope he can handle his disappointment!

started our new bible study this past week. it is already challenging me. i'm also just so excited to be back with the lovely ladies of thursday mornings and to get to know some new people. marcus in particular was excited about thursday mornings because he was reunited with his beloved miss deanna. we found out that they share a birthday, maybe that explains his undying love for her. :)

sam has been enjoying preschool. he was talking excitedly about all the "equipment" he got to use.  when i finally got him to elaborate a bit more about "equipment", it turns out he meant glue (real glue, not a glue stick--big stuff), scissors, markers, etc.  it's the little things, i guess!

the Johnny Appleseed Festival was this weekend, and i was trying to figure out why i like it so much...I go every year.  it's a must.  but i don't really ever buy anything. the re-enactors are weird.  the cannons and gunshots startle the crap out of my everytime. the food is good, better than good--but i could go and not eat anything and still feel satisfied. i hate the crowds of people that can't decide where they are going and they walk directly into my (admittedly large) stroller.  good grief.  i went back for a second day (sans stroller) with a dear friend who came into town from Indy, and she mentioned how it was a marker of time.  and maybe that's it.  it's part of pacing out the fall season.  it's still the beginning of autumn, and there is lots to look forward to.  the woodsmoke is still an exciting smell--of s'mores and camping trips yet to come.  it's warm enough outside to enjoy the day without coats and boots, but there is enough of a chill to enjoy a warm meal and be excited that this is the start of many warm cozy meals yet to come.  the leaves are just starting to change, at least 95 percent green yet there are still peeks of yellow, red, and orange.  i think i like to savor the smells, tastes, sights WHILE knowing there are lots more to come.  i like knowing it's just beginning. here we are, said friend and me, enjoying The Johnny.

and on another fallish note, i have had some apple butter bubbling away in the crockpot ALL DAY. really, all day. 12 hours! my house has smelled like heaven. and i seriously think this is the best thing (besides my kids) that i have ever created! i'm eating it, hot, with a spoon right now while i wait for the water in the canner to get up to a boil. i think the allspice is starting to make my tounge go numb. weird.