Thursday, January 26, 2012

quick catch-up.

Hello there, blog readers...all 4 or so of you. :) Though the magic of Christmas cards, I rediscovered that DENISE is a I'm outing you and sending lots of love your way! For those not in the know, she's my oldest friend.  And by that I mean I've known her the longest of any of my friends (we went to PRESCHOOL together!), not that she's old.  Because we're the same age, and I'm *certainly* not old.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but when is it not?  My mom was here for a visit, and among other things we ate a big brunch.  Marcus was my official waffle tester.  He tasted and saw that they were good.  Waffles are the official food of the third trimester.

My mom brought this amazing gift along, which is serving as an excellent body pillow...and on the rare occasion when I make my bed, Marky loves to come into my room and just cackle.  

So I might be nesting...I've done all kinds of weird cleaning tasks around the house.  Strange, I know.  I've superfreaked all three bathrooms, organized a couple of closets (with! labels!), tagged up a ton of baby boy clothes for the Lucky Duck, made up the baby's room, pre-registered at the hospital, and washed and hung up a lot of pink clothing...below is a shot of the baby's closet--so strange to me to see this in my house, but I suppose we'll get used to it before long. Pretty sure we've settled on a name and a nickname--we've been trying it out just between Jeremy and I, and it's growing on me--becoming more real.  Funny how the naming process has been different with each baby...with Sam, we were set really early for both boy and girl names, with Marcus, we decided the night before and weren't offically decided on a girl name, and with this one it's just been different since we knew it was a girl and we both liked VERY different names from the start.  You'll just have to wait and see, though.  The suspense is killing you, right?  Ha. 

Other news?  The boys tried out wrestling club.  They may be a little young, but I think Sam may stick with it.  It's only for a couple of months, and they are important months to have an ACTIVE outlet.  I love these kids with all my heart, but they get CRAZY when the weather keeps us more in than out.  Today our plans were cancelled due to ice--school are closed, roads are I made them help me clean and then they played "circus" which involved Sam trying to shoot his brother out of a cannon made of a couple of chairs and a bedsheet.  There have been tears but no blood, so I call it a success. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

laughing like a jackal. and it feels good.

if i could keep one pregnancy "symptom" around after this baby arrives, it would be the way i get the giggles. like laugh till i cry and maybe until i'm running to the bathroom before i pee my pants giggles.  i have been finding everything so ridiculously funny for the past 8 or so months. i kind of love it.  but now i'm getting to the point where sometimes it HURTS to laugh, and i tell jeremy all the time to "save the funny" for later so i can laugh at it when it feels better. but tonight the baby was situated in such a way that i could guffaw and chortle and hoot to my heart's content. ahhhh feels good.

this happened to a lesser extent when i was pregnant with sam...i remember telling people to hold the funny. i really wish i had made a list, but i do remember one particular story about "stepping on a nut"...i really truly stepped on a nut. we were out walking, since i was overdue and dying to get the baby out and i stepped on an acorn. it was kind of rainy out and the acorn sort of rolled under the tread of my shoe and made a sound that can only be described as "suspicious". so i said "whoa, i stepped on a nut!" of course jeremy didn't believe me and said i was lying to cover up passing gas. oh how it struck me as so funny--but it hurt so much to laugh that i had to make myself stop. to this day, jeremy won't believe me but it still makes me giggle just thinking about it. "stepping on a nut" has since been our euphemism of choice for sneaky fart situations.

so a few from hopefully i can keep laughing in a few weeks when i'm sleep-deprived and crazy:

1. talking like Gloria on Modern Family. all day long. almost. i do a really good job, if i do say so myself. it amuses me to no end and i usually can't finish what i am saying. my man might not find this as entertaining as i do.

2. we have (had) a small chocolate stash in the freezer. tonight jeremy got some out and shared with the boys. he dropped a piece, and marcus ate it off of the floor...marcus then ran across the kitchen and was DELIGHTED to find more--i can't properly type the joyful noise he made...then he discovered that what he thought was chocolate was really a black Lego and threw it out into the dining room with a sound of disgust that also is difficult to replicate. oh how i wish i had that moment on video. i just have to keep playing it in my head and hope it never goes away!

3. jeremy used my computer to sign into his library account tonight and left himself logged in. foolish move. so i filled up his holds queue with books on goat husbandry. (i can type this here because i think he reads my blog about once a year.) ohhhh can't wait until he figures that one out. i just kept spontaneously laughing about this throughout the evening as i thought about it. which of course jeremy kept asking me about, and i had to keep making stuff up, which was all very absurd, which got even funnier....hopefully he won't see anything until the emails start arriving that his books are in at the dupont branch...even better would be people seeing a stack of goat books and recognizing his name on the little ticket. heeeeeeeeeeeee!!

4. jeremy couldn't remember the word for "scarf" he tried some others.  "shawl" was pretty close, "neck warmer" was ok,  but "compress" put me over the edge and i had to pause the show we were watching because i was laughing so hard.

5. jeremy doesn't always (ok...really not ever) share my amusement in these cases, which actually makes me laugh harder. so not a funny in and of itself, but a funny magnifier? straight man? whatevs.

no one will find my short list nearly as amusing as i do...surely the baby won't either...poor thing has been bounced around all night with my crazy cackling!

on another note? pretty sure nesting has begun. i'll hit 35 weeks tomorrow, so that sounds about right....i think my dear husband was praying for this day. i've purged and re-organized my closet, cleaned and sanitized all the bottles and pump parts, made a quilt, washed a bunch of baby laundry and started freaking out about not having a dresser...good thing the baby won't care about onesies in a pile on the floor if that's where they stay. :)