Monday, February 20, 2012

there's a new shrew in my nest!

On Friday February 10, 2012 sweet little Amelia Mae joined our little family! She weighed in at 7lb, 11oz and was 20.5 inches long. Everything went SO smoothly, it was pretty amazing.  Neither of the boys' births quite went how I would have chosen, so it was such a blessing that this one did!  There were even a couple of med students and a nursing student and her professor observing the birth.  I'm always glad to be an anatomy lesson.  So strange to hear the doctor pointing out all my reproductive parts and the nuring student asking about the size of my ovaries.  Awesome.  I was a little nervous the night before, but having about 12 people in the room brought out the need to be positive and brave and I pretty much got over the nervous part.  I was praying like crazy, the people in the room were excited for us, and to be a hippie about it, there were just "good vibes" all over the room.  God was there!

Of course, I wish things had worked out differently with Sam and Marcus and that this wasn't my third c-section, but that's a different post.  I'm not super hung up on that fact.  I'm a good mom either way and she is so healthy and I'm healing up pretty well.  She came out kicking and screaming and bright red...Apgar is not that important to me, but she? was a 10. I love it!  This is after she calmed down a little bit:

She figured out how to eat almost immediately and is a little milk hog.  Other things she likes: her pacifier, visitors, sleeping, and being swaddled.  Dislikes: diaper changes...and that's pretty much it. She is SO mellow...she barely cries and once my milk came in, has been sleeping 4 and 5 hour stretches at night.  I realize that can change any minute, but I will take it for as long as it lasts! I wake her up during the day to eat and her doctor is happy with her weight gain, so I will enjoy my nights this go around...I remember just DREADING the nights with the boys.  Not knowing if they'd sleep or even eat...they just cried so much.  So did I.  But right now, things are pretty great and I'm on wacky hormone baby high...

Super fun to decorate the girl! I'm not super froo-froo myself, but I do like cute pink things and I do love being crafty, so headbands it is!  We want to call her Mimi for short--doesn't she look just like a "Mimi" in this picture?? I think so. Also, she has the most smoochable cheeks in the history of babies:

The boys have been amazing with their little sister!  Marcus just can't get enough of kissing her and rubbing her little furry head.  Sam loves her, but is a little more restrained and just asks a lot of questions.  I really thought they would be the other way around!

God is good.  We are so blessed to add this happy healthy little girl to our brood of mini-heineywipes!

Also...I must mention my amazing husband has been fabulous, picking up my slack with laundry and clutter and anything requires multiple trips up and down the stairs or carrying anything. No complaints, no eyerolls, I feel so supported!  My mom was here last week helping with that stuff and with the boys as well so Jeremy could be at work and take this week off instead.  And we've had some delicious meals from family and friends--such a blessing to not have to plan/shop/cook for a bit...just enjoy my sweet babe and catch up on interrupted sleep.