Friday, June 15, 2012

4 months old...

Amelia is four months old!  I took her to the doctor for her check up and she weighs 13 pounds and is 26 inches long...which puts her in the 20th percentile for weight and at least the 95th for height. I thought she seemed extra long, but now I have proof! The great thing about girls' clothing is that I can keep putting her in 0-3 month pants and if they get too short, they just become capris. And the capris...just become shorts, I guess! Most everything is leggings so it all works!

She's still a super good eater and went through a brief not-taking-a-bottle phase, but I think she's over it.  She sleeps very well for a 4 month old baby, though if it were up to her she'd go to sleep at 8 and be up at 3 to nurse, and then spend the rest of the night in my bed...sometimes I'm just so out of it that she gets to stay, but I'm working on getting her into her crib all night. 

She LOVES to chew on fabric...I try to give her a blanket or burp rag for this, but many times she just finds her skirt and goes to town.  I ask her all the time if she's a girl or a goat, but I get nothing.  It's amusing to me how she gets super agitated in her carseat or on the floor until I give her a blanket to gnaw  Does the trick nearly every time.

I totally adore her little giggles.  She's a little stingy with them, but it's a new skill she's aquired in the past couple of weeks.  She likes to practice this skill most reliably at bedtime...she knows what she's doing, because once she starts, I try anything to keep her going. Weasel.

She is seriously entertained by her brothers...if she's fussy for no apparent reason, I can just put her somewhere that she can see them and the fussy disappears!  She saves her biggest smiles for those two jackals.

Other favorites: being outside, music, pulling my hair, and riding in the bjorn while jeremy mows the lawn. 

Dislikes: the Bumbo chair, spending time on her belly, playing peek-a-boo, and being startled.  Funny story: we were at the zoo and Sam had to use the restroom, so I had to take the whole crew in with me. Sam slammed the toilet seat back down when he was done and the sound TOTALLY freaked her out.  To the point of screaming uncontrollably--which is not her style at all.  I'm thankful we were just about done with our visit, because we had to leave. I could NOT calm her down--it took the ride home to settle her down. Yikes!

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