Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Today was a good day.

It was a good day.  Not for any distinct reason.  Probably just because I didn't feel bent out of shape about our schedule.  Trying to see what fun things we could do instead of focusing on what we were missing (playdate at the pumpkin patch, oh a knife in my heart!).

I am trying, soooo trying, to be a little more disciplined and get up before the little goats. I need to get a jump on them so that I can be a better mama.  I may not be making pancakes or anything, but preparing my brain for the day ahead makes it better for all of us. A great plan, except the children can ALWAYS tell when I am moving around...today all three of them were up at 6am with me. The boys went semi-obediently back to bed, so Amelia and I spent a little time doing my Bible study and sticking cheerios to our faces. A moderate success.  Not sure what the answer is here, because I refuse to get up any earlier than 6 right now.

I did several things that I was procrastinating (rescheduling some appointments, balancing my checkbook, cleaning the food dehydrator screens, changing the water in Sam's fish tank, ordering Marky's Halloween costume) and nothing bad happened! I actually feel good! Amazing!  Why do I procrastinate?! Seriously, nothing on that list was a big deal...I just work them up to be monumental things and then kids are swarming so it seems like such a "wise idea" to wait until I have the presence of mind to complete the tasks? I don't know. 

I tried a different time slot at the YMCA (kind of another post in itself--the "crowd" at different times of day and my observations).  I have to reserve a spot in childcare for the baby, which is actually a good thing because it makes me commit and plan for it.  We went at 4:00 today which seems so weird to me, but it was awesome.  Why have I never done this before? (Oh yes, dinner...making dinner for my people. Those fools and their needing-to-eat.) They boys are at a point now where they don't fall apart and A had just napped, so everyone was happy and working out makes me feel happy. On nights when we have a weird schedule or I don't have to cook, I have to remember that this is a great option.  I worked out hard today (ahhhh) and coming home at dinner time made me remember coming home from volleyball practice after school--all jiggly muscles and starving!

Somone said very nice things about my babies today.  Beyond the surface "oh they are cute!" stuff.  It made me super happy.  This person also asked a parenting advice question...which makes me feel a bit validated...like I might know something about what I'm doing!

The weather was simply gorgeous today.  That may be 98% of why today felt so good.  The kids were outside being crazy (smashing rotten tomatoes into "stew"...oh the laundry) quite a bit, and I love to see how much Amelia enjoys it as well.  Good little people.

I read this.  I teared up.  I got all mushy and totally need to get in some pictures. Or just make sure to hand my camera over more often.

Ok, so this post was mainly for me. It was a good day.  For really no reason at all.  I changed up my rut of a routine and it was good. 

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