Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry and bright.

Technically, it's 15 minutes post-Christmas.  I want to write a few things out before the "freshness" of the moment passes.  I was/am having some mixed feelings about all the "loot" tonight...I suppose that could be a blog post of its own.  There is just so much more STUFF in my house today.  Now, I am just as guilty as anyone of buying things for my kids because it is one way to express my love for them.  But then add all the extended family who each do the same thing, and it gets to be a great big steaming pile...add a tired 5 year old and there was an ugly moment that I will spare the blog world from hearing and just try and have a good chat with him in the morning about gratefulness...oh dear.

I worry that even though we talk about Jesus being the integral part of Christmas, our actions this time of year (buying, preparing, being so busy) dull the importance of that message.  I don't have a good answer for how to strike a balance in this area, because I love this time of anticipation and little secrets and the gift of a Savior. I just get so excited and swept up in ALL of it!

Tonight when we got home (way too late for our small people!), Sam asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  So we all held hands right inside the door and did just that. 

A small thing, but one I want to remember, because my sweet little guy has it right.  Even on the heels of having it a bit wrong.  I suppose that's all we can really hope for, am I right?

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