Monday, December 31, 2012


woohoo rockin new year's eve tonight...made some cinnamon rolls for the morning and watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad. did some knitting and cut out a pattern to make a shirt for Amelia. we know how to party.

i kind of love making resolutions in any form...or at the very least, lists of things i'd like to accomplish. i don't think i'm your standard "list-maker" since i don't get very many things on my lists DONE, but i like to jot down the things i WOULD get done if i had the time/organization/energy/resources/mojo/talent--you get the idea.  daily lists, bucket lists, text myself a garbled list of things that cross my mind while running or get the idea.

so without any further ado, things i would like to see happen in 2013:
1. run a 1/4 marathon and make good time.
2. run a 1/2 marathon and make it across the finish without passing out.
3. get my guitar out and play for myself and/or the's been far too long.
4. drink more water. in the winter i do a lousy job because i'm so coooooold.
5. get in a routine of earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up ('s for the best)

those are the big ones that i'm willing to put out there. there may be a couple more...but you'll just have to wonder about them. or hear about them after the fact. ;)

here's to 2013!

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Denise C said...

It truly comforts me to be in the company of other random list-makers (and the texting thing, oh my, that's so me!). I gave you a shout out about it on my (brand new) blog - I figure since you've been at it for eight years, there might be something to this blogging thing. Oh, and kudos on your BIG HUGE guts! HILARIOUS!