Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amelia at 3 months

Three months old! It's been a great three months, and she's already looking so big to me.  I think those first three months with a new baby are fairly rough, but this time was not quite as tough as with either of the boys.  Not sure if it's her or us, but I'm thankful to be fairly well-rested and to be a pretty cheerful mama most of the time.  I've only had a handful of days when I wanted to tear my hair out, and Jeremy was wonderful and took the baby and fed her a bottle so I could go to bed several hours early and skip the bedtime routines. We definitely covet our sleep around here.

At three months, Amelia...
adores her brothers and her muslin blankies.
still has blue eyes (how??!) and reddish blonde hair.
prefers mama to anyone else, but is still super friendly--she'll smile at most anyone who talks to her.
goes to sleep about 8:30, wakes up anywhere from 3:30-5:30 and then sleeps until 8 or so.
loves to nurse, dislikes the bottle but we can get her to take it (phew!)
does NOT keep socks on--kick, kick, kick!
needs 3-6mo clothing for length, but certainly not girth.
still wears a size 1 diaper.
still has a crazy sensitive startle reflex. hilarious.
coos and gurgles like a pro, but i have yet to hear her laugh...can't wait for that!
isn't much of a spitter-upper, thank goodness.
does a great job with caretakers at church and at the Y so I can have some renewal time.
is the cutest little baby I know!
is loved beyond measure!