Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Today was a good day.

It was a good day.  Not for any distinct reason.  Probably just because I didn't feel bent out of shape about our schedule.  Trying to see what fun things we could do instead of focusing on what we were missing (playdate at the pumpkin patch, oh a knife in my heart!).

I am trying, soooo trying, to be a little more disciplined and get up before the little goats. I need to get a jump on them so that I can be a better mama.  I may not be making pancakes or anything, but preparing my brain for the day ahead makes it better for all of us. A great plan, except the children can ALWAYS tell when I am moving around...today all three of them were up at 6am with me. The boys went semi-obediently back to bed, so Amelia and I spent a little time doing my Bible study and sticking cheerios to our faces. A moderate success.  Not sure what the answer is here, because I refuse to get up any earlier than 6 right now.

I did several things that I was procrastinating (rescheduling some appointments, balancing my checkbook, cleaning the food dehydrator screens, changing the water in Sam's fish tank, ordering Marky's Halloween costume) and nothing bad happened! I actually feel good! Amazing!  Why do I procrastinate?! Seriously, nothing on that list was a big deal...I just work them up to be monumental things and then kids are swarming so it seems like such a "wise idea" to wait until I have the presence of mind to complete the tasks? I don't know. 

I tried a different time slot at the YMCA (kind of another post in itself--the "crowd" at different times of day and my observations).  I have to reserve a spot in childcare for the baby, which is actually a good thing because it makes me commit and plan for it.  We went at 4:00 today which seems so weird to me, but it was awesome.  Why have I never done this before? (Oh yes, dinner...making dinner for my people. Those fools and their needing-to-eat.) They boys are at a point now where they don't fall apart and A had just napped, so everyone was happy and working out makes me feel happy. On nights when we have a weird schedule or I don't have to cook, I have to remember that this is a great option.  I worked out hard today (ahhhh) and coming home at dinner time made me remember coming home from volleyball practice after school--all jiggly muscles and starving!

Somone said very nice things about my babies today.  Beyond the surface "oh they are cute!" stuff.  It made me super happy.  This person also asked a parenting advice question...which makes me feel a bit validated...like I might know something about what I'm doing!

The weather was simply gorgeous today.  That may be 98% of why today felt so good.  The kids were outside being crazy (smashing rotten tomatoes into "stew"...oh the laundry) quite a bit, and I love to see how much Amelia enjoys it as well.  Good little people.

I read this.  I teared up.  I got all mushy and totally need to get in some pictures. Or just make sure to hand my camera over more often.

Ok, so this post was mainly for me. It was a good day.  For really no reason at all.  I changed up my rut of a routine and it was good. 

Saturday, October 06, 2012

A few-ish notes about fall.

1. I love fall. Everyone loves fall. Blah blah blah.  It's true, it's a great time of year.  Weather, leaves, camping, fires, pumpkin everything.  It took me a bit longer to get into it this year.  That's kind of sad, but I won't lie, I've had a hard time adjusting to our schedule this year.  I can figure out in my head how our days will play out, but it always winds up being different.  It seems we always wind up not doing the fun stuff I had hoped to do.  Things are smoothing out and I'm really trying to embrace the advantages(?) of a PM preschool class for Sam...basically we aren't getting out much because the baby needs to nap all the time.  Ok, not all the time, but close.

2. Flag football is super fun to watch.  90% of the time someone is running the wrong way. 50% of the time it's my kid. And it was COLD this morning!  I threw the boys' clothes at Jeremy, grabbed some extra stuff for the baby and myself, then went off to try to sneak in a quick early run before the game. In the parking lot at the game, I tossed some sweats on over my running tights, put on a hat that turned out to be Marcus's and attempted to shove the baby into a snowsuit that turned out to be too small (so far NOTHING has been too small for her...go figure). So she wore it like a cape. Ridiculous. We looked like homeless people.  I like flag football. 

3.  This weekend there is NOTHING (except the game, see #2) on the schedule.  It has been a LONG time since we've had a weekend like this.  SOOO excited.  It's all been good stuff that we've been doing, but it's just been a lot.  We are tired.  I'm going to make these and eat most of them.  You should also go make them.  Now.  Thank me later.

4.  This picture is funny.  And quite an accurate portrayal of their personalities.

5.  Our Thursday morning study this week was called "I Am Undisciplined"...totally necessary.  Kind of wishing it had been the first week of the study (because I needed it about 5 years ago), but it's probably best that I got over the crazy of adjusting to our new schedule first, so that I would really listen.  Trying to take baby steps toward more self control (in basically all areas) and let God truly be in charge.  Let stuff go that doesn't matter and get super intentional with my people.  The big point of the lesson for me was "hey, maybe we're not SUPPOSED to have it all together...we are MADE that way so we draw a bit nearer to God and hear His voice a little more clearly"...not groundbreaking information by any means, but just what I needed a reminder of this week.  A relief.  So in light of that, I'm getting out of here and enjoying this gorgeous day with God and my family.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

So I'm a pretty sporadic blogger. Project Life has served as my day-to-day way to record a lot of the activities and funny things the kids say...but I have always enjoyed having this little space to jot down other stuff--especially when I don't have any scrap-mojo.  Or let's face it, time to get all that stuff out. :( Anyway, I had this post all written out for Amelia hitting seven months and I was just waiting to pull a picture off of my camera. Now she's almost eight months! oops.

Names we call her: Mimi, Mimi-Mae, piglet, stinkygirlfriend, babybug, little bittie, variations on these themes.  Marcus calls her "Meem", a shortening(?) of Mimi. SO cute. 
Foods she likes: Still a big fan of milk, not too big on bottles lately, so it is good that she's trying all kinds of fruits and veggies and is doing super well at even feeding herself--she doesn't have the pincer grasp yet, but she doesn't let that stop her.  She hasn't turned anything down or gagged on a single food she's tried.  I'm hoping this bodes well for the future, as Marcus is a bit particular and it gets old...I'd rather not have two picky children if I can avoid it. 
New skills this month: Sitting up is going ever so well.  I find her that way in her bed on occasion. Crazy!  She can get up on her hands and knees and sort of lurch along the floor--it's not crawling but I enjoy seeing how motivated she is!  She also likes to get up hands and knees in her crib and sort of rock back and forth, which results in her banging her head repeatedly against the crib slats.  I'd be worried, except Sam went through a phase where he banged his head on the floor all the time, so I know it will pass.  Silly babies.
My little big girl: She had a 6 month check up, and it confirmed what I thought based on her still fitting into 0-3 and 3-6 sizes (pants make great capris, dresses make great shirts!)...she's long and lean. A bit of a surprise, since the boys weren't that way.  And her parents aren't that way, ahem.  It's only a problem because I bought clothes ahead for the fall and winter...and they are all HUGE.  We'll have to get creative!
Girlbrother: Oh how she LOVES her brothers!  Her face just lights up when she sees them.  I love seeing them all "play" together.  The boys are amazing--they bring her toys, they give her puffs when she's in her highchair, they clown around to get her to giggle.  Sigh...I know their relationships will keep changing, but I hope the sweetness always remains, somehow.  The boys have really latched onto the idea that they are her protectors--they have even dressed up in knight costumes with swords and pranced around the bouncy seat keeping evil at bay.

We love you, sweet baby. So very blessed and proud to have you in our little family!