Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 years old!

Wow, two posts in one day...I'm on a roll!!

Marcus turned four last week.  Easy and hard to believe all at the same time.  I suppose I'll feel that way for every birthday.

A few highlights:
-At the end of the day on his birthday, I heard him telling J "I had so much fun today!"...really, that's all I wanted to hear.  And in all honesty, he's pretty easy to please.  We could have bought and done a lot less and he still would have been happy and had the same amount of fun--as long as we made the day about him.  He's a good egg.
-That said, it was super fun to shop for him.  Along with some other little treasures (glow in the dark skull and crossbones underwear, anyone?), we gave him this squishy anatomy model that he saw at Sam's Club and just wouldn't stop talking about.  He lost his mind when he opened it up--"IT'S WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!" I'm so excited to teach both boys some cool facts.  The "gross" factor grabs their attention, but then they really want to know what all the organs do.  Marcus can already tell you all about kidneys and the bladder.  Awesome.
-Last weekend, we had a family birthday for him. I wanted to take him to order his cake, and he told me very clearly he did not want to order a cake. He wanted grandma to make him a cake with gummy bears on that's what he had. Love that little guy and his funny opinions.
-The day of his birthday was a swim lesson day, and he did GREAT.  So proud of that kid.  Then for his birthday dinner afterwards, he chose IHOP...those boys think IHOP is the ultimate.  Works for me!
-The night before, Sam was the sweetest brother--he said "I'm so excited for Marky's birthday tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!!" May they always be such good buddies.



Nine months, Amelia! 

Let's nine months, she:
-isn't consistently pulling up, but not for lack of trying. I find her standing up in her bed occasionally.  it ALWAYS startles me!
-waves "Hi" and "Bye-bye", but it kind of looks like "gimme"...or "milk" if you know any sign language.
-is sort of learning some signs. i've tried a few different signs but basically does her wave/"milk" sign for everything--waving, more, food, etc...
-still nurses 3-4 times a day (so so thankful for this), but is pretty much OVER baby food. she likes finger food and plenty of it, though she greatly prefers whatever we are having. current favorites are peas, cheese, banana, and anything of the bread or cracker persuasion.  she loved cheerios for a while, but I think I bought too big of a box, because she just shouts at them and doesn't eat them anymore. :(
- speaking of the shouting...she shouts all.the.time. just general yelling at high volume. it's not exactly complaining, it's more for attention or to just hear it herself, I think. it gets pretty old. she needs to work on a new skill.
-she's still a bit on the peanut side...16lb 3oz at her check up. I really thought she was up to 17, but I guess all that crawling burns up the baby food.
-takes a huuuuge morning nap (on good days)--it's about 3 hours. which is great, but on days when we just can't be at home in the morning, the rest of the day she is such a grump.  afternoon naps are hit or miss, but that's ok because we are usually out and about at least part of the the time that Sam spends at school.
-has many nicknames: Mimi, Meems, Meemers, Mimi-Mae, Piglet, Hoglet, Sissy, many others...
-LOVES to play "chase" of any sort.  my favorite iteration is when she crawls into a corner and rams her head into the wall over and over because she's so excited to be "caught".
-still wears a size 2 diaper. works for me, there's more in the box!
-wears 12 month clothes for length, but jeans are ridiculously big around the waist, so I try to stick to leggings and longer shirts. It's so much easier with a girl--Marcus was this way too, and I had the hardest time putting clothes on him. Sam...did not have this problem. He was my very round baby.
-is so so so loved. the boys just dote on her and she loves them for it. she demonstrates this by grabbing their skin and hair, and by licking their faces. sweet. really.